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yay, i got hit on by a girl on myspace. i know, i'm a dork, she was a random stranger that i'll never meet, but she said that i was very pretty. ;-). and after having been in denial for so very long, it feels good to be able to enjoy being hit on by a girl. i must say, the whole thing makes my evil chemistry not seem so bad. woo-hoo. now i can just hope to start flirting with a girl in person and have it actually amount to something. yay. :)


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I got hit on by someone on ya

I got hit on by someone on yahoo once...it was scary. I got hit on by a girl in Target with my mom present...it was really funny and yet totally awesome.

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i agree, being hit on by some

i agree, being hit on by someone of the same sex is a lot of fun. it's all, am i really that obvious? lol
once me and one three of my friends,(one is gay, one's bi, one's..well, we dont know what she is) were in a bookstore talking about how us and right-wing people really mix that well, and this other girl in the aisle was all smiling at me, and giggling at what we were saying. then all 5 of us hung out in the art section of the store and talked for awhile. it was odd, but tons of fun.

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nice one

haha that's awesome. I wanna get hit on by a girl, but even if I was, I'd probably be too blind to realise. Hope I'm gaydar detectable..

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thats what college is for! yay for you :D i am on myspace too....

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