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my 1st time writing in journal. today my school celebrate teacher's day so we'd our class party. it was kinda boring until we get to play ice. i ate pizza's n konyakus..yum yum.. i kinda like a girl but she got a boyfriend and i just cant don't know how to say it to her. i haven't come out yet, not a single person. we put ice into each other's body it means that a person put the ice into the shirt through the neck(shirt). i played with her and i so call take this opportunity to hug her.. but can't hug it properly tough cause her back was facing mine. hhmm, is this a bad thing to do? but i really wanted a girlfriend, i cant wait anymore... but i'm too shy to say it out...sad....


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Wow same thing that happens t

Wow same thing that happens to me...i finally came out 2 my sister and three friends like a month ago..n i was so happy i did it..i dont know how it came out but it did....I never had a girlfriend and yea im 2 shy.....i dont know if u should tell ur friend because thats happening to me with 1 of my friends and i dont know what 2 do....good luck


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I just noticed you live in Kualla Lumpar. Sounds cool, what's it like

P.S. Your profile has a good point - a surprising amount of people wont be able to find Malaysia. Kinda embarassing

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"

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i am single any taker? hint hint

Hey i will be ur girl hee hee