A Joke

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I can't find a good reason to wait for something I don't know
But you're so deeply rooted into my mind
The winds bring the sound of you to my ear
And the scent of your body to my senses

I think I might start missing you,
But I just came across you in my life.
Still when I look in the water I see your face
A face so clear, but so far below the surface I can't reach

This feeling lives by me everday,
Feeding me when I'm hungry in the desolate loneliness
Warming me like a hot chocolate in the frosty morning
The rushed, ironic feeling that you're so far away
Journeying back and forth with the breeze
Being a gentle touch against my skin, hoping you bring good news with every return

Or maybe something else, maybe the coldness will awaken me
To find this is nothing...
But your foolish joke


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Thats a kool poem i really li

Thats a kool poem i really liked it well i have wrote one poem and cant seem to write anymore hahah well i just wanted to tell you that u have a good poem laters