Achille's Heel?

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What would you say one of your weaknesses is?

As for me, I have an exhausting obsessive compulsive disorder, am overly sensirive, very stubborn, and can sometimes have an air to me. ^^" Gosh, I sound terrible...

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Prolly jumping into fights that I can't win...

Because right now I'm really out of shape and therefore weak...Plus, I am a really headstrong, cocky guy by nature, so I often find myself talking too much crap...

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Im terribly shy which sometim

Im terribly shy which sometimes makes me seem stuck up but its really that im just too shy to talk to people,but im not as bad as I used to be,im trying to be more confident about talking to people.

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ADD i was drugs for it and la

ADD i was drugs for it and last year i got off and apperntly they can stay in your sytem for that long
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for me...

scaring people when I meet them is always a big issue for me, I can almost be too un-selfconscieus sometimes...disorganization when it comes to school...putting my foot in my mouth...the other one is most people don't believe me when I tell them but I have a really, really bitchy streak that comes out once in a blue moon when I am really mad

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I am rather stubborn and although I hate it I'm prone to anger. It's not that I fly off the handle at little things, but that when I experience negative emotions like sadness anger comes along with it a good deal of the time. I used to be too sarcastic as well.

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Staning up for my self. Not t

Staning up for my self. Not that that ius really a weakness, but other people don't seem to appreciated like i do

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Passivity, insecurity, shynes

Passivity, insecurity, shyness, not sticking up for what I want, overthinking things, indecisiveness, being too careful.

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passivity, sticking my foot i

passivity, sticking my foot in my mouth, clingy-ness, being a smartass, laziness

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I suck!

Selfish, judgemental,self-centered (sometimes),back-stabbing (I'm working on this though), spiteful, cruel, lazy, irresponsible,and over-worrying.

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Clingy-ness and indecisivness, and giving in to fear a little too often. And just shyness in general. I'm working on that one. I think I care too much about what other people think of me. I'm too passive sometime, also. Yuck, I sound awful now too.