Advice without outing someone

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I asked my good friend in math if she knew any lesbians at our school that were single.
I asked her for the simple reason that she has all the connections with the out and also several closeted gay kids on campus.
She gave me a name and an imformant of some kind that could direct me to her. I didn't know what to do because well, I couldn't find the person that was suppose to tell me who this girl was. I was told this about her:
she's black, has straight hair, tall, skinny, and was wearing a red MCR shirt today
I was able to find her as I was leaving. And I'd like to be friends with her, maybe more. But it would be weird to first of all just start hanging around. I don't have classes with her only lunch period.
I'm not allowed to tell her name or the person that outed her.
How do I get to know her without being weird and strange like I am?

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maybe make plans with a group

maybe make plans with a group of friends, nothing major maybe just movies or pizza or something, and ask your friend from math to bring the girl. that way you can get to know her in a setting without too much pressure or awkwardness

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I agree, just tread lightly a

I agree, just tread lightly and include her into your group of friends.


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haha solution: ADD HER ON MYS

haha solution: ADD HER ON MYSPACE and just say "hey, seen you around school and you seem cool. i'd like to get to know you."

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Stalk her.

The internet is definitely your friend. There's always a way to find out about people on it, if theres a chance she has a profile ANYWHERE online find it. Find out what she likes, find out what she hates. Once you finally do meet up with her bring up some of that info, whether you have similiar interests or not find a way to work in into the conversation. Or wait till she wears something semi-decent and ask her where she got it from, take it from there.

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Say HI! When you judge ano

Say HI!

When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.

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New Information!

ZOMG I just found out she is going to a party my friend is having this weekend. My first coed party, *snicker* anywho what do I do? What do I say to her? I'm an antisocial person already... that is in large groups of people. So I don't know what I'm going to do. Someone PLEASE HELP ME!
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