again with the gayness...

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One of the weird things about coming out to myself at 20 is that I've spent several years already with opinions about homosexuality... it's wierd coming to regard them as being about me personally. I used to be a bit homophobic (the whole denial thing) earlier in high school, but as I learned more about politics, I became way more liberal, and way more accepting of homosexuality, which began the slow process of me realizing and accepting that I myself am gay.

So the weird thing is hearing about gay marriage and being gay, and everything, and thinking of it in the first person, as opposed to the third. I've spent plaenty of time advocating for gay rights, but never really doing so as a gay person....

Today I heard Pink's "dear mr. president" I'm usually not too into her things, but I must say I do respect her more after hearing that song. And I listened to the line "what kind of father would hate his daughter if she were gay?' and was like... 'wait, that 's me...' it's also weird because my dad is so homophobic.

Alright... I'm going to go... my suitemates have just blown up a condom and are batting it around like a balloon, chasing my born again christian roommate with it... gotta catch this...


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I am in love with that song,

I am in love with that song, because of that line. I listen to that song so often, and have to sing along with that part. If you haven't heard that song, you don't know what u r missing.

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I love that song. I have her new CD, and like you, I was never that into her stuff. Not enough to buy a CD anyways. I bought this CD and it's really good. I love that song, as well as some others (like Stupid Girls, but don't get me started). She really is a woman to be respected.
Also, I can totally relate to what you are saying about thinking about gay people in the first person. I used to think of gay people as people who were different from me. Now that I've realized my sexuality, I have started to use it in the first person. When I first came out to myself, and even my mom, I used it in the third person.

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You are my hero. And so are your suitemates. :)

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I've been into Pink since the

I've been into Pink since the first day I listened to her some years ago. Funnily enough I'm listening to her latest album as I read this post!

The 'I'm Not Dead' album, including that particular song, is simply sensational, and I keep playing it around my mum. Because it's true. What kind of father (or mother) would hate their own child for being gay? I mean the thought is simply unfathomable to me as I can't imagine my mum truly hating me for anything, unless I like, killed someone or something. It's a good question to surreptitiously pose to an unknowing parent if you haven't come out.

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