AP exams over!

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I had my last ap exam today, feels awesome to be done. Me and several other people finished about an hour early so we me and a couple friends went to one of their houses and had pizza and played cards until going back for lunch and fifth where we proceeded to watch Star Wars.

So we sat three to a table during the exam and I was between Brittany and Jesse.

Jesse: Emilee...I have a question.
Me: (blank stare)Um what?
Jesse: Do you like dogs?
Me: They're okay...why?
Jesse: (hums to himself) Yeah....
Me: (to Brittany) He just asked me if I like dogs....
Brittany:(perplexed) Yeah, he did....
Jesse: Oooh, ooh, Emilee I had another question for you, but then I forgot! But now I remember!
Me: Is it do I like dogs?"
Jesse: No, it's better! So I was getting high last night and I was thinking about you--and do you still not want me to set you up with a lesbian?
Me: A dog?
Jesse: No, a lesbian, 'cause I think I know of one cause I was talking to my friend while I was high about her and we both came to the conclusion that she must be a lesbian and we was like "Yeah, she totally is!"
Me: Who, Norma? Because, um no thanks....
Brittany: Norma likes Wes, she asked him to prom on the first day of school.

Yeah...letting Jesse set me up...probably not a wise thing to do. He somehow managed to get engaged last year and still doesn't know how it happened....

And that's what I remember from the AP exam!


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you talked during your exam?

I didn't take the AP exam, because I was being a total pussy and I had the SAT the next morning...oh well, next time around...maybe. Letting a friend who is high set u up isn't a good idea...funny tho.

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Son't you love exams?! No, me

Son't you love exams?! No, me neither. But they're done now so congrats! Have fun on that date.

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