are you comf...with your sexuality???

53% (35 votes)
5% (3 votes)
i would rather be straight
3% (2 votes)
i just want to be me
24% (16 votes)
i have no idea yet
15% (10 votes)
Total votes: 66


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no, I'm not confortable with it at all...

I would rather be straight and have a girlfriend and a family then be gay, but I also know that that isn't exactly possible, as I've tried and failed to change my sexuality for years...

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you can still have a family though

it might take more effort to make one. Anyone can be happy, we have so much opportunity.

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i really dont even know yet a

i really dont even know yet and that suxs

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I need a bubble that says "ki

I need a bubble that says "kind of" or "mostly" or "getting there".

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I'm asked this question a lot because I'm generally upset with being called a fag. I am not upset about being gay, I'm upset about the way I'm treated because of it.

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Similar for me (like underdarkness)

I picked yes. But probably you could say I am not completely comfortable because I am so much busy with it now, always analysing other people and getting super angry about instances where people simply assume everything and everybody is straight. I say I am comfortable with my sexuality, but not with society.

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I Just Want To Be Me

I picked i just want to be me because I know I never want to be or could be straight. I just know that if I was out and could be the person I want to be then I would be ok with it.

I know I can never have the life and love I need by being straight so while im not fully content with my sexuality I accept and wish for nothing else.

"Obsession rules us all, and we obey."

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damn, I read it wrong. I thou

damn, I read it wrong. I thought it said are you confused about your sexuality. So I put no...

To the ACCTUAL question, yes I am. I don't like to flaunt it... (though I do wear a descreat pride wristband), but I am not ashamed of it.

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gon den do da damn thaing!!!!!!!! be who u is

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I'd rather be straight if only for the reason that it'd be SO much easier to get a date