"Away" is breathtaking...

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today was pretty average. i've been sick since last tuesday, so that's my penance for drinking. today i nuzzled with mikey, and afterwards, we both admitted it was kinda gay (if only he new lol), and i just had normal classes. last nite my drama class went to see "Away". That show is fucking amazing, and so sad at the end too! but there was some hysterical moments as well.
go here to have a look -


usually the bus rides are heaps of fun, and this time was no different. i danced all the way up, and on the ride back, we were all mellow, and it was comfortable. on the back seat we all got a bit touchy feeling, taking pics and having a jolly good time lol


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Sounds like fun! I'm glad tha

Sounds like fun! I'm glad that you had a good time!

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