awkwardness, clumsiness, and haircuts, OH MY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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well, long time no post. sorry bout that to all of my adoring fans who couldnt wait for me to post again :P. anyway, where to start? hmm... well, the girl that i like and have had past experiences w/ (once again, see previous journal entries ;-), its getting easier to talk to her, even though we both know the other one senses the weirdness. she got a haircut this week and i cant decide whether or not i like it, if its just okay, or if it just completely ruins her style. *sigh* even w/ the haircut, im still sufferring from unrequited love. apart from that, my school life still sux, my home life is getting better (mom has a job brother isnt getting drunk every night), and my social life is still nonexistent. but, like my quote says, dont let me bring you down with my complaints, this is just one of the only places i feel like i can totally unload. so, dont listen to me, HAVE FUN Y'ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!
Love you,