Birthday Bash

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Well guys and gurls, we're back at our apartment now. I know I know, its Saturday and Im at home typing. Well you see, my schedule today was to spend time with my lil sissy - Zoey cos its her 20th bday.
Last night I went out right? Then holy shit, I slept till 3pm! I've never done that before. Anyway, today we basically jus hung out in central Auckland. Looking at clothes rah dee rah - you know the drift. Then Amy and I took pics at those Japanese photo tooths hehehe. I'll get Megs to scan it and I'll flag it on myspace lol. I haven't gotten anything Zoey yet but I think I'll jus get her a voucher to get her nails done or something.

So we went to this retaurant at New Market called Lone Star. The food was awesome but they made us wait for like 20 mins. So while waiting, we got sauvignon and started drinking on an empty stomach hehehe. Dinner was amazing! But Zoey and I had to downsize our orders like twice cos it was jus TOO damn big!!! Anyway, I'm trying hard to type cos I'm tipsy/drunk right now. Hopefully I haven't mucked my typing up yet. So right. After dinner, Justin drove us to some place which turned to be Mission Bay. Zoey and I thought that we were going to get ice cream at Movenpick but nah. We cruised to McD's drive thru ahahahaha. This was the order made lol
lady: hi, how are you guys? what would you like this evening?
justin: oh can i please have 2 caramel saturdays and one chocolate saturday
lady: *smiles*
me: oh and can i please have some panadol (paracetamol)???
So that was our McD's adventure. Then we jus drove home and yeah....started drinking again....hehehehe until now. I suppose its NOT TOO BAD cos its only 1.30am here. And everyone has crashed so yeah. I wanna drive over the shore (central Auckland) again but hmm not tonight. Too tired. Need rest even though I had like 12 hrs sleep the night before......well ciao!