Came out!

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I did it. I came out to my mum.

Oh my god, I feel so...I don't even know, I'm a bit drunk. Well, quite drunk. But like, I don't feel much different. But now I feel like I could come out to the entire world.

She was totally accepting. We discussed how a couple of years back she said she would be disappointed, and she explained she didn't mean she would be disappointed in me, but rather, she would be disappointed FOR me that I couldn't have children, that people would prejudice me and that I wouldn't experience some of the wonderful experiences that she's felt.

She said she had thought it for some time - in fact, that's how I came out really. We were talking and she talked about how she thinks she knows things about me that I wouldn't know, and I was like, "Like what things? What do you think you know about me?" and then there was a 1 second silence and she said, "Well I have questioned whether you're straight." And I just sort of nodded and said "Mmhmm..." and it went from there really.

We've both just had this discussion about how people hate against gay people and stuff, and I told the story about those 2 guys in Iraq being hanged for being gay, and the fatwa that Muslim put on his website, telling people to kill all homosexuals in the most painful way possible. She nodded and agreed with the whole thing very appropriately.

I thought I would feel very differently to what I do. I think I will tomorrow. I just feel nothing right now, it's weird. I knew this day was coming soon, I just knew it. But just...



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That is so great that she was that accepting AND sat down with you to talk about it. I wish my coming out was like that. Just don't get so drunk that you feel like shit tomarrow. ok? =D

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Congrats on that. Big step. all downhill from there.

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Congratulations man!

Congratulations man!

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Congratulations! I love it wh

Congratulations! I love it when things work out so well! I'm glad that she's so great about it. Hold on to that feeling!

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Congratulations! That's really awesome and inspiring! Who do you think you will tell next? Did you go/are going to the gay bar for P!nk's bit? She must be really proud that you told her too, that's great! :)

-J, boy, gay and 16 all the way. Just not out to anyone yet. I guess my sig could use some work.

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Yep, we're going to see P!nk

Yep, we're going to see P!nk on Saturday! It'll mostly be lesbians though :(

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congrats man...

No more hiding in the closet, eh? That's awesome that she handled it so well...that's great that you have her support...hell of a mother's day gift though...even tho it's like three days after mother's That's awesome for you though...

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Well, mother's day in the UK

Well, mother's day in the UK is way earlier than mother's day in the US :P

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Yay! I'm glad she took it as well as she did. It seems like overall you're doing so much better than you were doing when you first came here. Except for the drinking... And going to random very straight barber shops... But congrats on coming out, that's really fabulous!

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Very cool.

Let us know what it feels like tomorrow. Congo Rats!

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Seriously cool

I am so glad for you dude. Big congratulations.

Sounds very similar to me coming out to my mom. I was completlely unable to say it, she already knew and led it from there. Thnak god for mother's intuition. I hope you have fun seeing p!nk with her.

P.S. It's a lot more than 2 gays who have been hung in Iraq - there was a 14 year old recently. Still I imagine the gay community will react with the usual OTT anti-islam to that

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Wow congratulations!!!!! It sounds like everything went really well!

P.S. I know what that feeling is like, truly empowering.

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WAY TO GO!! I know I'm over t

WAY TO GO!! I know I'm over two weeks late on this oen but I still have to say that's awesome. MY mother was goo too, but my dad has yet to know...hehe...

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