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So I have decided to go to college in California and coincidentally near my family. At the time it didn't occur to me that being super close to my older sisters and my slightly overbearing aunt might be slightly problematic....

I had originally planned to go to the east coast at all costs because my sister had loved it there and I liked the idea of having that much distance/freedom, but then I fell in love with Mills. Mills which is beautiful and my dream campus and environment...and not far from my aunt.

I had forgotten just how close I would be to her until yesterday when she called and was talking about my dorm room and how she would be getting me new pillows. Why has she decided that my current five pillows aren't good enough? I'm not sure. Why did she want to know how big my room was going to be? I'm not sure I want to know but I'm getting the impression that she thinks she's going to be decorating it. Now who doesn't want a benevolent aunt and uncle who own a round table pizza and give you tons of free coupons to use while you're a hungry college student? Sounds good, right?

Well apparently she drove onto the campus the other day to scout it out...and had a run in with security. Security wanted the strange lady in mercedes to leave...and she told them that it was okay for her to be there because her niece was going to be attending in the fall...and they let her stay. She's going to stalk me! She wanted to know which dorm was going to be mine! I'm never going to escape!

So while the conversation is beginning to creep me out and I realize that I'm going to be watched like a hawk I have to be polite and not let on that I'm being creeped out.

She wants to have sunday family dinners.....


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oh man... good luck with your

oh man... good luck with your aunt... i have an aunt an uncle like that, and took their location into account when choosing a college or i'd have ended up living with them instead of dorming. good luck, things will work out... maybe just tell her you have lots of studying and can't really spend much time with her?

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