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My fuck buddy left around ten o' clock this morning. It is birthday today. My room was a bit messy. I wasn't suppose to see him lastnight, because he had a date with some girl he met on faceparty. Well he told me, it was a bad move, he met her before. He regretted organizing that second date. She had a great personality but on a more shallow note she was "facially challenge" and over weight. My buddy was taking his time convincing me that I have to be there. He couldn't turn her down with out me being there ok. He told his date would chaparoned by her gay boy-friend (imaginary boyfriend I presumed).

The guy was georgeous but we had nothing in common apart being gay and studied maths. My buddy boy came up to my apartment for a chat and cuddle, but almost nothing happened. We concluded that she has some issues she had to resolve every guy entering her would exist in a context of hey boy-friend. She is still in love with that guy, but she also realized she couldn't have him. It's gonna be like she is mere borrow my buddy's body, while she is having a true emotional committment with him. The boy-friend guy was geourgeous but on a less shallow note dull. I guessed his main concern was not about himself that night but to protect his friend from a strange boy like my buddy . I am also as guilty as the next guy, because I wasn't really being myself. I was scare of meeting new people and I was worried about my friend. I warned him not to get anyone off the net again. There will be plenty of opportunity for him to do now he has an ok job.

The consulation for lastnight was actually this afternoon, when I got up and went to Subway for a Wrapo. I was greeted with a cute boy standing behind the counter. There will always be plenty of eye candies, but the problem is to see through these facade we all put and realize who they really are. Also to know who other people really are I have to discover myself. This is a daily chores. Because very little thing like sunlights, podcasts, musics and event from the day before would affect who I am going to be on that particular day. It's so much easier to assume the role of my stereotypical self.


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Woah. I just can't follow you're love, well traingles isn't the word. Doedecahedrons is probably more correct.
And I'm sorry you can't find anything more than eye-candy, but often that is all the world seesmt to consist of

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"