...damn PMS

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...well this is my first entry, so bear with me :)..

Today was one of those days where i just wanted to curl up and be left alone, but NO...i was bitchy and was being a real ass to one of my friends, but hey she was doing it right back...so it was like ammo and everytime she shot, i shot right back, until i couldn't take it and almost cried...yea yea i was emotional and bitchy...a bad combination and if someone pushed me farther than i already was, i would've cracked, but thank god no one did :)...

I know this is kinda random, but i was talking to my english teacher, who i talk to a lot nowdays...and we were talking about the advisor for the Skittlez club, which is our GLBT-straight alliance club for our school...but he brought up a point about how he thought that students our age shouldn't be pushed in deciding who we are as individuals because the advisor of the club is cool, but he is a little over the top which makes it hard for the members to communicate with him so no one comes to meetings anymore...so my teacher was saying that something like our individuality should be handled carefully with people who can help us figure out, who we are, but if we have people such as our advisor who kinda creeps everyone out...who can we talk to? since some staff and such are so homophobic especially our stupid principal, its sorta hopeless...

...well...if that didn't make sense...i'm sorry...not really here right now...just venting...


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No prob, venting is good for

No prob, venting is good for you.

Hope your PMS goes away. I heard that type of stuff sucks majorly. Me, I'm a freak and I don't have a period. I've had it once and then it was gone completely (and I'm not pregnant), so I can't really relate.

My town is homophobic too and it completely sucks. I want a GLBT-straight alliance club at my school but no one will probably join because so many people at my school absolutely hates gays.

Well, it's towards the end of the school year, so maybe next year you can have another chance at making your club sucessful.

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