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The gay rights movement is not only necessary, but is vital to the preservation of American morality, as we know it. I'm sure all of you have heard a lot about gay rights lately. At the top of the priority list is gay marriage. Today I will speak to you about why same-sex marriage needs to be legalized, gay marriage compared to straight marriage, gay couples with children and traditional arguments of anti-gay activists.

To deny homosexual couples the right to marry is tantamount to stating that heterosexuals are inherently superior to homosexual people. In fact, the entire anti-gay agenda revolves around this thought process. By banning gay marriage, one is banning a freedom to an entire sexual minority that the majority of straight people exercise regularly (and rather expectedly) and generally take for granted. The argument of anti-gay groups generally spawns from a religious view and thus directly contradicts the foundation America was built on, because America was designed specifically to harbor no laws based off any religious text to be forced upon the whole of this country. Though the topic of homosexuality in various religious doctrines is controversial and decidedly interpretational, most anti-gay crowds fit in to one of the major religions. Under the religious freedom granted by our constitution, it is only logical to conclude that we cannot make laws banning homosexual marriage. While banning gay marriage would please several religious groups to whom legalization of gay marriage would be of little or no effect to them personally, it would deny the right to those who sincerely wish to marry and spend the rest of their life with the one they love.

As for those who claim that gay marriage will destroy the institution of marriage between man and woman, as God had made it, I have to ask what logic is built behind this. If Britney Spears' fifty-five hour “just for fun


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I liked it :) when are you go

I liked it :) when are you going to present it?

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Tomorrow, in a group of four.

Tomorrow, in a group of four. I've looked at the other group's presentation and the entire point is that "God says 'no!'"

It will be so easy to thrash them in this debate.

Under Darkness

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Extra Ammo

Since they are going to say :god says no"
Try these passiages from the Bible from a Minister

They aer going to quote Leviticus 18:22 on it being an abomination.

Ask if we should then obey the rest of Leviticus such
as Lev1:9 on sacrificing bulls, the neighbors might
complain of the odor. and Lev 22;24
that the Bull should not be casterated and how to deal with it.

Then try Exodus 21;7 Sell their daughter into slavery
and what would be a fair price these days?

No contact with a woman who wears red or is having
their period of uncleanness ( lev 15;19-24)
How do you tell if their having their period and since you
ask them they do take offence.

the bible commands us to buy slaves from the neighboring
countries lev 25;44, A friend of mine says this applies
to only the mexicans but not canadians what are their
thoughts on that and why not canadians.

It is an abomination to work on the sabith and a friend
of yours does since exodus 35;2 clearly states he
should be stoned to death should you take matters in
your own hand and be morally obligated to kill him?

Lev 11;10 says that eati;ng shellfish is an abomination
also but is it a lesser abomination than homosexuality
or not please settle this point.

Then thank them for reminding us that Gods word is
eternal and unchanging. But if they use the King
James version of the Bible have them read the preface
where it says it is a book written by man, interpreted
\by man is not the word of God and should not be taken

Old fox Bob
Minister of the faith with the Universial Life Church
Denver Colo

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isn't doing school projects o

isn't doing school projects on things that actually matter refreshing?
btw, I like the word "spawn" you used it somewhere in there

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