Do you believe there's a God?

46% (31 votes)
32% (22 votes)
1% (1 vote)
i don't know
21% (14 votes)
Total votes: 68


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well accorse..even if ur gay

well accorse..even if ur gay i think there still is

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I believe there is just don'

I believe there is just don't believe in him.

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No, I don't.

No, I don't.

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Certainly there's something d

Certainly there's something devine out there. I don't know whether it's God or Goddess or genderless something or multiple somethings, but it's out there.

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Penn Jillette: There Is No God

I would encourage everyone to read this short essay by Penn Jillette of Penn and Teller:

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i bet there is something or other out there, though i dont think that it's nearly as powerful as we think it is, and it might not be at all the way we thought it was. but, if God is the way we think she is, then in general, it's just better to believe in God. my brother explained it to me this way last summer

so, there are two instances. either there is a God, or there isnt.

in each instance, there are two options. either you do believe in God, or you do not.

If there is no God, and God is the way we commonly define her, then if you do believe in God, but she doesnt exist, then after death, supposedly nothing happpens to you. if you do not believe in God, and she does not exist, then still, nothing happens to you.

but lets say there is a God. there are still two options. if you do not believe in God, and God is the way we assume her to be, then supposedly, you will go to Hell, or some other equally unpleasant after-life. but, if you do believe in God, then you would go to some form of Heaven.

it's fairly simple. you have a 50% chance of nothing happening, a 25% chance of going to Hell, and a 25% chance of going to Heaven. so, in general, it's simply better to just jump in and believe, cuz if you do, either nothing happens, or you go to Heaven, so no matter what, you win.

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Is that right though?

One of my friends also said you should believe in God because you've got nothing to lose by doing so, but everything to lose by not. This is true and all, but is that really why you'd want to believe in God? To believe in God just so you can get into heaven or reap some kind of reward is no better than just not believing if you ask me. I think people should have faith, because of And not because they want to go where all the cool kids are going.

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But wait-

What if God likes independent thinkers, so she only admits atheists to heaven?

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No, but I suppose I could.

And Panic Motion - this picture is even better

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No / I don't know

I picked no, but I was doubting between No and "I don't know".

I don't think if you calculate the costs and benefits of believing and not believing, and then realize that the calculation tells you that it is better to believe, and you therefore say, "Okay, let's believe", well that just does not sound like believing to me. It sounds more like a calculation whether you should still live according to the (presumable) rules of God, out of prudence. If you really believe in God you would not make such a calculation.

By the way, if Luther was right, then that won't help you. You can never get God's grace by doing things, you have to REALLY REALLY believe (and not just pretend to believe out of pragmatic reasons). I think if Catholics are right, you have a better chance of pleasing God by just following his commandments.

Also, if God is the way how "we" (how's that?) commonly imagine "her"... that sounds strange to me. Because if God is the way how we commonly imagine her, than it is a he, not a her, right?

I hope you're not feeling offended, I did not want to be mean, or something, or too unsettling. Just pointing out.

I am a bit into spiritual things. More related to connections between people. ANd connections with nature. THat kind of direction. And I am open to the idea that there is "something more".

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i think you should believe in

i think you should believe in God if you believe in God and don't if you don't, if u'r not sure then work it the fuck out, either way i don't see what it has to do with anything????? what's the name of that guy panic motion always has on his picture thingy?


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i do think there's a God but

i do think there's a God but it's quite hard to follow cause i'm a lesbian ....
yeap, i also notice that panic motion always has a picture of sexy guys...haha

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i hope youre joking ~`~`~`

i hope youre joking


i know you hear me...i can taste it in your tears

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I'm wiccan, or pagan, however

I'm wiccan, or pagan, however you want to look at it. But I am polytheistic. So do I believe in God? No. But do I believe in gods? Of course.

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well i believe in their being a higher power... so that DEFINATELY qualifies for God. 3 cheers for the big guy upstairs!...

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i believe in more than one god.
you should have put more options, bud.

i know you hear me...i can taste it in your tears

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I'm not really sure. I certai

I'm not really sure. I certainly pray to a god. I think, God is an explination for all the things in the world we don't understand. I respect that, because its in human nature to want to understand everything.

I'm Jewish by heritage, and am proud of that. I said yes, I believe in a god, mainly because I pray, and I believe that anything exists as long as you believe in it.

Um... yeah. I view the world based on fantasy novels. So sue me.

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No, I do not believe in God.

However, I do believe that there is something out there that we as humans cannot and will never understand in the universe. I don't believe in God for many reasons, but mainly because there are so many different religions and interpretations of "God" out there, and that if there was truly a lovign, accepting god, as the bible claims, then why are so many faithful people around the world suffering and dying waiting for miracles that never come? I just don't believe in the concept of a single person or entity controlling the world. I think religion is just a search for understanding and acceptance/ ability to cope with pain and emotions.

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"god is dead"

"god is dead"
and that would be my view on it,
summed up by someone more articulate
than i.