do you have gay dar or have a friend who does and there not gay

41% (24 votes)
17% (10 votes)
who cares
10% (6 votes)
i dont beleive in that
8% (5 votes)
24% (14 votes)
Total votes: 59


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My friend's mum sorta does, a

My friend's mum sorta does, abit scary really

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I just assume everyone is gay and let people tell me otherwise if I'm wrong. Much easier than trying to figure it out. If straight people can use that same system, why not us?

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it is they're not there

it is they're not there

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Most of the people I know who have "gaydar" can usually only know if the person is really flamboyant or shows some stereotypical sign of homosexuality. The thing is, I know plenty of straight guys who show the stereotypical signs but are definately straight.

My friend Zach thinks that any guy who walks funny or has a lisp is gay, and therefore things that he himself has gaydar. I think this is usually how people acquire gaydar.

And my mom likes to assume that any friends I have over are gay, which is true a lot of the time. She thinks she has gaydar because of this.

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I think I have a gaydar but it has yet to be tested - all the people I think are gay have yet to come out. Maybe because they're all straight

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No, I don't, but I figure eve

No, I don't, but I figure everyone is gay until proven otherwise. Some of my friends would like to claim they do, but they didn't know about me until I told them so I rather doubt it.

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