Drunken weekend

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had the formal last weekend.... got a bit drunk at the after party.... good time was had by all.

ok, i was invited to the girl's senior formal, and i had an awesome time.
.. so afterwards we all piled onto a bus and drove for an hour (taking a couple of wrong turns) out to the country where the after party was. well, on my way in i was called a cunt and a poofter by some asshole. anyhoo, we started drinking and having a good time, i got a bit tipsy, and the night was pretty cold. i met so many new people too! i met a lovely girl named alice who offered to let me sleep in her tent (after we declared how much we loved each other) and i met an awesome bisexual chick who i saw making out with one of our school captains. i met so many awesome people, including one of the coolest chicks ever called chloe, i hope we become good friends :) lol. i also made out with one of my friends, jen.

how it happened was to start we were sooooo gone it's not even funny. and all night we'd been joking about making out. so i said to her, "when do i get the pash you promised?" so she grabbed me, and we had a kiss, and then we opened our mouths... and disgustingly put our tongues down each others throats. i don't don't mean it was disgusting because she's a girl, but because we did it so sloppily and gross. i asked my friend dette if she saw us us kissing, and she said yes, and it was quite gross. awe well, we both had fun, and we are going to make up for it one day soon.

i don't know... i liked kissing her, but i don't want to have a relationship with her. i don't know, i'm really confused. I'M GAY, but i liked it. maybe i should kiss an attractive boy next time i'm drunk. that'll set me... gay again.

anyhoo, nightie night kids.


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sound like it was fun and DO try the guy
next time.