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ya i have been crying a lot to like a ton!!! you know that gurl i was talking about?? well i have liked her for 2 years. and she is a total bitch!!! i dont know why but know matter what she does i cant hate her! i really wish i did it would be so much esier!! she will hug me and then just walk away and totaly egnore me. but that is what i look forward to most every day is that one moment in her arms. i dont want to let go!!! i wish i didnt have to. but then at the same time she makes me so fucking pissed. or so sad i feel like shit kinda like right now. i am starting to like her less then before but it hurts really bad coming to the realization that we dont have a chance together.

i have been eating ice cream as my main coarse since yesterday.i need a girls night. just to sit and watch movies and have some "me" time. oooooo wich(on a hapy note) i get to do on friday. i met this really nice 16 yearold lez who i get to have a sleeepover with on friday!!! im really excited... i just need to make shure i dont like try to rebound with her. but even if i do atleast it will get my mind off of mariah.


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I hate it when people toy wit

I hate it when people toy with other's emotions-.-

Well, have lots of fun at your sleepover and forget your worries, even if it is for one night^_^

~Saying sorry we're falling apart
wish we knew this from the start
Saying goodbye's the hardest part
Wish we knew this from the start~

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im sorry to hear about your f

im sorry to hear about your friend. believe me, i know how it feels. if you ever wanna chat or anything then feel free to PM me. Im in the same situation as you so i do know what youre going through.

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Hang in there. Things get bet

Hang in there. Things get better. I hope that you have a fun time on friday!

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