First Dates Suck

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Man first dates suck hardcore!I'm not complaining about the person I was with or anything but it just wasn't what I expected.We didn't even talk,all we could do was look at each other from opposite sides of the table at dinner and look out the window on the ride to the park and home.All that happened was complete silence.The most that was said was what time do you want to be home and did you like your food?I mean I know it was our first date and it was the first time we actually went out together alone.But what really sucks when I got ready to let her out the car she just looked at me for the longest and then just got out, no goodnight,see you later, I had a good time or anything!First dates suck ass!


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It sounds like you two need to be comfortable with each other, or maybe she was just enjoying the quiet company of you. I don't know, I've never been on a date before. But now that you've gone on a date there isn't a first one anymore. Brightside... I think?
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well, hopefully the awkwardne

well, hopefully the awkwardness will pass soon. my first date will probably be the same, as i'm much too shy, so don't worry, you're hardly alone. maybe try a movie next time? that way you two can be together without so much pressure, and if you go out to dinner after you'll have something to make conversation about.

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Awkwardness huh?

The awkwardness had better pass, I don't think I could go through that again.It was so much easier to go places before this.But maybe I will try the movies next time thats if there is a next time....(wishing,hoping,praying there will be)