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Vanished and fallen
to the end of these days
as my cup fills over
my thoughts are a phase.
Without the embrace
I wish to enclose
my message is harder
than the story of those.

For grace above all
I try to end my thoughts
pulsing, in which
my heart feels at fault.
Shaken and stilted
as the follower’s word
while my whisper is hushed,
my message unheard.

Claim hate in my labor
with hate while you stray,
but bring shade to words,
the best are in an array.
I’ll spread my story
the best way I can:
I’ll write life in my words
that my likeness began.

As unheard as I seem
my words still reach ears
giving hope to those like me
and breaking down fears.
Now hear whispers un-silenced
in my divine theme.
When my whisper subsided
it crowned to a scream.

Comfortable now more than ever
my voice has settled, so strong,
to teach those still unknown
where the world is wrong.
Prevent what I went through
in the eyes of a child
in hopes that the child’s story
will begin and end mild.