For those who enjoy poetry... enjoy...

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This is just something I wrote... so yea...

My heart is still yours
Though you crush it perfectly
I am addicted to the pain you cause me
And how you hurt me endlessly

When you kick me when I'm down
I love it more and more
The way you make my heart break
And leave it cold and sore

The way my stomach gets sick
when I see you with another person
Come on now, just give me more
Make my heartache worsen

I live for the things you give me
All of your agony and grief
And when it stops, I worry
And when it starts, i feel relief

I love it when you push me away
And i love it when you call me back
Just to give another hit
Another beautiful verbal attack

You make me hate myself
When you turn everything around on me
You make me want to drown for you
Yes, i love you that crazily


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woah, thats really good do

woah, thats really good

don't drink and park; accidents cause people