gay awareness

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it was so nice..i went for this gay awareness programme happening on my campus, man it rocked...ppl came and spoke bout not bein accepted, bout hiding who they are coz of society, and religion etc..and some brought a fren along who actually came out for the first time to everybody in a huge lecture hall...shame they were nervous could see him turning red..but he relaxed after everyone clapped ;)

it was amasing how many ppl actually turned up for that, always thort my campus was homophobic but it turns out that theres alot of them who are learned alot today i'm glad i went..:)


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Cool. I'm glad you had fun!

Cool. I'm glad you had fun!

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That's really cool! What sta

That's really cool! What state is your college/university in? Did you speak at the lecture? You could probably make a ton of friends/ptotential partners at something like that too!

-J, boy, gay and 16 all the way. Just not out to anyone yet. I guess my sig could use some work.

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u see i'm ......

i'm actually in South Africa a whole country i didn tspeak at the lecture if i had a chance though i would've..:P

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