girl v no S

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i should have written this yesterday but i don't have time. it's about yesterday's event.

i've got loads of tuition and last night i got an english tuition.the teacher always ask us to get into groups and we got activities to do which is group work most of the time.

i was alone and the teacher put me in a group of 3 consist of a guy with big ass and a gorgeous gurl..i was so excited man..

i saw her boobs...urm, well, you juz cant resist it right but i didn't do anything stupid....i wish the time would stop..

i know she's straight so no point in telling her that i like her

that's about it... and the interesting part is that she's almost the same height as i am...i'm short...that's the fact...


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Who cares?

Who cares about her height? You got to see her boobs

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"