Godot is not progressing

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Wireless internet-will power= Emilee spending more time checking her e-mail repeatedly and reading bad fanfic than writing her paper.

How did I end up an AP student? Magic. I actually had my AP teacher tell me that he was disappointed in one of my papers because he had expected better of me...and since I was trapped in the back of his volkswagon on the way to SF there was no escape.I really don't want to relive that, but alas I am a lazy slacker.

Has anyone read the play, loved it, and would be willing to write a thematic essay about it?


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Thanks for the offer, but I'd rather not. Not so into the play, its groundbreaking status has long since gone

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I feel your pain. I was an AP

I feel your pain. I was an AP student. Lucky for me, school's out :P

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