Goodbye Note:In English

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Yeah maybe I lie,cheat, and steal
But that doesn't mean I can't feel
One day maybe I could learn to love again
But right now I aching at the lost of my best friend
I've seen the things you tried to hide from me
But now you say your sorry
For what you did to me
And you hope that one day we could be us again
Yeah one day maybe, but only as friends
That's all I have to say to you
Don't write me anymore
Because right now I'm aching
Good bye my love....adios mi amor


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i like it alot...

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Thank you very much, but my friend didn't seem to think so. But your opinion is twice as valuable.

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I like it. It's one of those

I like it. It's one of those poems where you actually know what you're talking about. Not that those are bad, I just don't do great at figuring them out. I'm kinda dense like that. Anyways, I like it. Too bad for your friend!