Graduation, Growing up, Moving on.

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Over the past two years I have been contemplating my career paths and other aspects of life in general. Each year I spent in school has its own attractiveness and own ways to excite me with. I will always look back many moments that I am proud of and an embraressing fews. I met two of my closest buddies on campus. We haven't been talking that much recently. Our coffee bar of choice was just opposite the chapel. Looking at serves a reminder to the exams that we just got through.

We agreed that we are rarely satisfy with our results and how we prepared for the exams. Our group was a good representation of the graduating class. One is an Honor study, another guy was doing an ok job and I've never been a model student. We were agitated and scared. Well our life is soon gonna begining. My first year at college was spent rather than wasted by self-discovery and learning to use and abuse new found independence. I was placed in a dorm with four seniors. I'd had a well mixed group of friends. Lots of them were older than me. I failed spectacular that year I transfered school. It was my decision to lock myself in the dorm and study. I met most of my friends including KennyD on IRC. I'd been fun and I am gonna miss my first year at Strath.

Second year it was all about doing what I want and enjoying the year. I treated as a reward two misable years I met lots of friends in the CS lab and I studied and played hard. Good things always came to an end, sooner than I expected. My two closest friends at that time dropped out from school. Loneliness didn't sink until I returned from the co-op program. I had virtually no friends left. I started to hang out with existing group of friends. My morale never recovered from Nick and Gregor's departures. I started to spend my time alone. I started to re-evaluated certain aspects of life I worked out that I am ... you guys already know it.

I lived the full life by going almost everyday over the summer, I once again failed third year exams. Right now I have to keep any optimistics view about graduations, plus I got grad school to look forward to. After our conversation over coffee today, I realize that I would never be alone that was our promises before we separate ways today. There will always be time that I have to work things out on myown and will have to accept that people do need space. I am hoping that I can find that bestfriend, perfect partner and a boyfriend again.