grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr..might be my last post :P

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i hate this oasismag was blocked for almost the entire day after i was last here which was this morning but still..bleeeeeeeeeeeeeeh!!!!!! i hate campus firewalls wen it does that, yea so i did what inkblot and morgan said and created my own blogspot and transfered all my poetry there....nothing new is up yet so no bother, but this just maybe my last post on here, except wen i feel like ranting, dont think it'll be here though coz i put everything in poems, nevertheless, if i do oh well if i dont oh, yeah so i kinda got addicted to oasis, so i guess we'll se if i come back if i'm really gonna if that makes sense:P

if u ever wanna read my poems..just goto, its all there, use them if u want dont mind much