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I went to a girl camp on the 27 and 28 May. it's a 2 days,1 night camp. it was held in a college. I was so excited because I get to see so many beautiful girls...guess how many of them? there are 280 girls..haha...

well, as you know I'm a shy person so can't get to know them really well i juz click to my (nerdy) i wish i can be with those hot babes.

we'd a dinner party where everyone wear formal dresses. I don't know what happen next and then they dim the light in the hall and put hip hop music.

As for those who don't know how Malaysia is like. We hardly go disco and clubbing, so it's kind of weird....

I got a very weird feelings when the girls started dancing and i was watching them shake their boobs and ass. cause i never encounter those before and i don't know how to shake them myself..haha

As for your information again, the culture here is that we are very very shy in participate in any activities. so, i got shock...

throughout that short period, 20mins, i was so so ....don't know how to describe i juz feel weird that's all..does anyone feels that way? or am i really that shy? cause i never went disco before....

hhmm... i thought i would find a partner there but i think all of them are straight so i guess i can't do anything..

afterall, i'm juz too shy to ask people wether they are straight ot not..

well, i learn a lot of things there eg, health, sexual harrassment, beauty, self-defence, and guy talk which i hate the most cause i don't like guys...i can see that most of the girls like it a lot...i feel so left out somehow...

well that's about it..write again next time


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Glad you had fun.
280? That's a lot of girls. Come to think of it you must have really had fun

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Yeah I went to a week-long ca

Yeah I went to a week-long camp last year and I know exactly what your talking about...but I just watched the girls, I never told anyone there, cuz you know, they mightve freaked if they realized that they were rooming with a lesbian...but one of the counselors was, and she brought her girlfriend...glad you had fun

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