Heart Divide

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This is where the game begins,
where hell is found and your hate grins.
If only they knew all I had to say,
yet, instead they stare and at this said display.

How little it matters to all I believe,
though I am defined by how they all grieve.
They figure me sad, unhappy for this,
yet my sorrow is bred when I'm denied I exist.

Oh, disturbed mind of a fitful child,
I see hell in your eyes, the flame never burns mild.
Tear away at the heart of all in this world
and bring light to their faces, for this fear unfurled.

What does this child have to write, in experienced lacked,
to you I won't tell of my heart bled and cracked.
How can you understand when you read words at the skin
while the truth lies beneath, the truth of my sin.

It's a heart divide between paper-thin walls
where our profundity lies, a spectator falls.
I'm the loneliest kid in hell, the hottest emergency
though hot as it is, I'm placed at lower urgency.

When the lights are, the breaking free formed lies
to divides in the spirit, the free formed dies.
As written by a chaotic mind in forgotten form
in words without boundaries set by the storm.

Oh, ha, the sexiest dreams at your word,
though without a fear, you fear wit at the third.
With dulled horns blaring away the tune of the dead
the last seed is set in the tapestry thread.

A dose of poison prescribed on the line
will be a the heart divide among all good and fine.
Above the voices, blinding above all in strength,
the shallow hearts fed and hung down to all at length.

So I challenge you to a battle to a disturbed mind,
chaotic and changing to what the rest find
to be nice and normal as of that close to hell.
Still you bind those in service and wait for a spell.

You cannot say goodbye to what's already gone,
for the loss of a love or the death of a fawn.
Oh, now you can hear me, now that I'm screaming,
the world passes away, awhile you think you're dreaming.


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Breathtaking. When you jud


When you judge another, you do not define them, you define yourself.

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Thank you

I'm actually published, but because of my parents I've never been able to comment on the underlying meaning behind my poetry.