Homosexuality is WRONG!

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Its 2pm here in New Zealand and Ive jus finished watching Dr. Phil. Todays topic was something about homosexuality and whatnot. After watching some of it, they had this lesbian lady talk and Zoey, her mum and Lisa all started talking about how if she didn't like guys, then why did she cut her hair was short and why she dresses up like a man. They were like, "Ok so she's a lesbian, I dont see the point why she has to cut her hair short and dress like a man. And why do lesbians have to wear plastic penises. Why cant they they jus have a bf who has tits (HAHAHAHA)".....there I was jus sitting there thinking to myself.....Ok what a way to deflect things onto me. Ok maybe I am over exaggerating....but can you blame me??
If you were in MY situation at this point, wouldn't you jus walk the fuck outta there?? Seriously! Out of all the people, I would expect my own bestfriend to understand me. I mean, she did it with Leon......he's gay......WTF is her problem with me? Maybe she feels somewhat left out of our trio because she's the only straight one. Well she has a fiancee, she's quite alright from what I can see.
When I talk to her about girls, its like....she thinks Im in this phase of "maybe Im gay". Ugh! When is she going to realise that I AM queer. She accepted it when I was bisexual.....I dont see what the difference is. I mean, its not like I will all of a sudden develop a crush on her......EWWWWW!!!!!! God......I am so fucked off right now.....FUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCCCKKKKKKKK~~~~~~~~~~~~~


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:( I love watching dr phil!!

:( I love watching dr phil!! Why didnt anyone tell me that day's topic was homosexuality?? Darn.

Yeah I agree...I probably would have just walked right out of there.

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Yes I think we could guess you were pissed off. Go and throw something at the TV it always works for me

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"

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~ I got the MIDAS TOUCH. Baby

~ I got the MIDAS TOUCH. Baby let me touch your body and your soul ~

lol its kinda not my tv so yeah..i dont wanna pay for it if i break it =p i gotta LOVE ur comments dude!