I called her...

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Yeah so due to the overwhelming response that I should call my friend back, I decided to call her today.When she answered the phone I hung up immedditely in fear she would bring up the obvious issue at hand. So after 15mins of avoiding her calls again, I decided to get in my car and drive out to her house, hoping that no one would be there, but I was wrong.She was actually there sitting in the living room staring at the phone. So I ever so smoothly walked around to the back gate and climbed up to her bedroom window(using the latter that had been placed there by me months before).I openned her window since she doesn't lock it and tiptoed downstairs up behind. After that you can only imagine how upset she was with me not returning any of her calls and she pretty much cussed my ass out for being such coward. But after she calmed down we talked for a while, and explained to me what was going on with her and how she felt about the situation and what had happened. So eventually after bout an hour or two, we ended up telling each other what was on the others mind about what had almost happened. And in the end she told me that she would give me time, but not too much time to think about what it was that I wanted, and that above all we were still close friends.So I guess in the end all I had to really do "was" talk to her, and I even got a peck on the cheek for being brave enough to talk to her face to face.


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Well i'm glad everything went well!

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you talked to her! *happiness*

Wait, so you told her you weren't sure if you wanted to get together? She said she liked you? Are you going to date?

Wow, sound a bit cheerleader-ish here. I guess I'm just happy you did something...

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Gotta Slow Down..

I told her I wasn't sure I could do the whole relationship thing, but yeah she said she did like me, but no I'm sure if we'll date, I'm still figuring things out.