I feel great. Yay!

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I came out to my first person yesterday, whoo! We just went to a pub for lunch, and she's like bisexual and she already kind of knew, but I actually came out and properly said it. And so then she was all like "Oh my god I have to take you to London to go to Soho." And I was like, "Well let's just do it now." So we did :)

Went to London around..oh I dunno, 8.30pm (I live only 20 mins by train). Then we went to Camden first of all, for like a couple of drinks in just normal straight bars, just had a funny time, people watching and stuff. And then we went over to Soho, went to The Village, which was just so nice, first time in a gay club and it was just like, OH MY GOD men kissing and being together. The world should be like that, seriously. You can just be yourself and nobody judges you or looks at you funny, that's what I love about London.

Then we basically went gay bar crawling, it was fan-fucking-tastic. We went to Escape next, which was quite small, but had a good dance floor. Met this really lovely straight woman who was just like "Oh I'm here with my friends" and then she introduced me to her friends who were like smiling and shaking my hand and being really gay with me, which felt weird but wonderful.

Anyway, this is where we realised we missed the last train. And then we were like, oh fuck. So we decided to just get more pissed, so we spoke to these lovely gay people who were really helpful, and was like, "Oh G-A-Y's still open" and gave us directions, so we went there, and like oh my god, it was great. I was dancing so much, and these two guys were flirting. Or 3. Yum.

So then that place closed, and we asked the bar staff where was still open, and they said The Astoria, so we went there. I was drunk beyond all proportions by now. Got on the dance floor (they had closed the bar, not that it mattered), this topless HOT guy put his arm round me from behind and was like dancing, and I was just like YAY. Then this other hot guy came up to me and just started kissing me. I loved every second!

Saying that, he wasn't that great a kisser, tried to eat my face a bit which I tried to control, but couldn't. He was like putting his hand up my top and grabbing my ass, and just...YAY. Then he asked me if I wanted to go to the toilet with him, and I was like, umm, no thanks :) I don't really want to start giving blowjobs in toilets personally. But then, later on, I kind of felt like if the opportunity arose again I probably would. But I know I made the right decision.

So Astoria closed at 4am and then we went roaming the streets with this guy called Miles, who was like, 37 and bisexual. Well I don't know what he was actually. Anyway he was like completely chatting me and my friend up and trying to convince us he'd have a threesome with us, "You're the only 2 people I've been attracted to tonight." What a feeble line.

Anyway, train station didn't open 'til 5.30am, and then we had to buy more tickets because our other tickets had expired. I was like wtf. But I just didn't care. And then I got in at 7am.

And that was my night out. Fucking awesome, I would so do that again. Except I spent like £100 on one night, although I did pay for my friend's train ticket and she's paying me back on Monday, so...

Did I say I feel great? :)


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You should try Popstarz or He

You should try Popstarz or Heaven aswell. I know my gay friends said they loved those aswell.

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wow sounds like you had a gre

wow sounds like you had a great time! i need to go to london and have a night out in soho it sounds great!

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Sounds a very cool night dude. I love London for being as diverse as you want, particulary Camden and Soho. never actually been in a gaybar there before, although I have sat across from G-A-Y in a cafe and just watched the scene. I like it.
Although the name could be a little subtler

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Not that I have any experience being in a gay bar anywhere else, but I don't believe anywhere can be as amazing as London (Soho) for diversity and fun, other than some of the other capitals of the world - For example, I think a night New York or San Fran would be good contenders.

Nevertheless, my night in Soho has been the most amazing of my entire life so far, and I look forward to many nights there in the future. And I didn't even go at the weekend! Anyone that lives in travelling distance of London doesn't even need to come out - just go there by yourself if you have to, I promise you'll have a great time. Or PM me and bring me along with you! Whatever, just do it, it'll make you feel so happy and free for just one night at least.

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London Bars

Wow! I was just in Camden the other night! I was in London for a week (amazing city!), and was told to stop for some gay bars, since my hotel was just to the north. What a cool place!

If you're ever in New York, I've got some places you should check out.

Congrats on coming out to your mom. I'm still working on that one.

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That's great!

Congratulations! I hope that all of your comings out turn out so well!

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YAY! :)

You came out! Happiness! And got an insanely awesome night out for it, too. Damn, if that happened even once after I came out... Ah well. I'm glad that you're feeling better!

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