I Need Serious Help With This One...

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My sister in law just called with some bad news. Recently
there was a fire at an apartment complex in town. We all
heard about it, but we didn't know who was involved yet.
It was started by a crazy ex-husband, and ended up killed
the ex-wife and her fiance'.

As it turns out, the fiance, was my stepdad. Well, my mom's
ex-husband. The one man who loved my mother when she thought
that would never be possible again. The man who took on a woman
with 4 children and brought them all to america. The man who
was more like a real father to me than my actual.

And here I am, stuck having to tell my mother that the man she
still loves is dead. How do I tell her this?


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Aww.. that's pretty hard, dude.

I dunno man, but I think there's no easier way to tell your mom but tell her the news in a straightforward manner, so that there would be no lies that may be included. I know that would fucking hurt, but I think that's the best way. Just tell her the facts.

I'm so sorry about that. *Hugs*

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I'm sorry that you have to do

I'm sorry that you have to do this, but I suppose that if you were the one picked to tell her then that must reflect somewhat on your people skills. I agree, you should just be straight with her that's about all that you can do, that and being there to give her a hug. I wish you all of the best of luck with this.

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first sit her down, then tell

first sit her down, then tell her, then after that, all you can do is give your full support. im sorry to hear the bad news, and good luck!

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