I really, really need some serious advice you guys..

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okay, i'm in some deep doo-doo this time, and it's not even my fault. i have this friend you see we'll call him Bob...he *was* my best friend...not even my best friend, my twin soul. we..connected on a whole new level. enter my other friend who we'll call Nancy, who had an ENORMOUS crush on him all year. during this semester, the three of us kind of became this sort of trio. we couldn't have been happier, Nancy was on her way to slipping into Bob's heart.

and then it happened...

one of her friends told Bob that Nancy had a crush on him. He then tells her that he likes Nancy back. Nancy then finds out her friend told him and messages Bob to make sure her friend was telling the truth. he skips over the issue and the next day he completely ignores the both of us. We message him to ask him what's wrong and he messages us back accusing us of flinging wild accusations at him and acting like silly little girls. i expected more from him.

but now...it's like we're not even there. he doesn't even acknowledge our presence. he doesn't pointedly ignore Nancy and i...we just supposedly don't exist. he doesn't say hi, he doesn't make eye contact, he doesn't even refer to us being there. we are non-existent to him now. and he's now hanging out with this senior and i can tell he likes her even though she's going out with someone and he's furthering himself from us every day.

is just me or is he being a complete asshole?


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Well, he's certainly not being considerate. I know that I did something similar--this guy really liked me and I was nervous and so I flirted with him and then ran away. Maybe Bob is nervous. I can't really say. Can you confront him about it?

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i agree

i'm kinda being a hypocrite here, bc I'm more of a let it go and see what happens type of person, but it seems like if he is being that blatant you should talk to him

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That doesn't sound like too much fun, I'm really sorry. I don't have any advice but to get new friends maybe? Hang in there.
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You last sentance summed it up. He is being a complete
ass hole. Are you and Nancy still good friends? If so
Fuck him and move on. You dont need him as he seems
to not need you two. Is he gay? Why would he turn dow
friends who so have a crush on him if he wasn't.
Or is this Nancy a troll? Anyway you look at it. He lost
two good people it sounds like. Move on with your live
and forget him.
You are always loved