i told my father I like girls...

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He took it well he said to follow my heart and I said I always will. It feels weird but ok he's going to help me tell my mother. I am going to go to bed now just wanted to say that after wanting this for 3 years i'm finally going to be out to my parents all in good time. I am listening to Ottis Redding's Stand By Me. I am thinking i'm glad my father is standing by me. I can't wait for the day I don't have to really hide the fact that oh i'm going with my friends to this gay teens thing or whatever when I have a date with a girl she doesn't have to come over as a friend. Just those things maybe even just being able to meet more girls that are gay. Well goodnight hope you have a good memorial day weekend.

Now only to deal with the mess I made Friday at school then i'll actually feel happy abouting telling my fathher nighty night...


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Yay, goob job! I'm glad your

Yay, goob job! I'm glad your dad took it well... get some good sleep.. you deserve it. :)

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Hey, I am glad for you!! Sle

Hey, I am glad for you!!
Sleep well and have sweet dreams :-)

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I'm glad you had a good coming out. And yeah it is going to feel wierd for a while - you'll soon get used to it after a while (and hopefully, so will he)

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omg im so happy for u write now..well good-luck in the futer

"its better to be hated for what u are than to be loved for some thing ur not ♥"

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Glad that your dad was accpet

Glad that your dad was accpeting...mines an ass, and I'm glad that other peoples parents do...keep your head up, and stay proud...hell, I'm still proud, even without being accepted...good luck with the rest of the process, and best wishes

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YEAH Good Job!!! Glad he took

YEAH Good Job!!! Glad he took it well

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I'm so happy for you!!! It is such a great feeling to know that there are people there to support you. Congratulations... truly.

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