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Okay, about two entries ago I was talking about this bisexual guy that has a crush on me (I inferred from his actions and speeches which was rather obvious that he did) but I don't like him the same way. I was planning on telling me last Friday at youthgroup but I went to see a drama production instead. I was planning to tell him on the phone some time when nobody was home but everyone was home for the whole week. I was planning to tell him maybe this Friday at youthgroup but Nick invited me to go bowling. Blah, so heck... today when he was on MSN saying all this stuff to me agen I felt really uncomfortable and I decided I can't wait anymore. I made sure he was there, and then confirmed whether he liked me more than a friend. Then I made it clear to him that I only like him as a friend. He was silent for a long while and then said he understood (in a rather depressing way). I'm glad I made my point across.

As a side note, it's almost one of my great friend's birthday. I seriously duno what to get for her... omgosh I'm so clueless. Meh, I also heard while talking to one of my teachers (her tutor) that her mum had Parkinson's disease. She never told me this! My teacher said she's in denial about it and isn't really talking about it much... I hope she's fine... but I don't want to bring up the subject of it because it might upset her too...


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I'm glad you got it across to your friend. And yeah he probably feels bad but you spared him a lot more pain that you can cause by not telling him.

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but I hope you let him down easy. It is not a easty
thing to tell some one who is very interested in you
that the feelings are not mutual. I hope you did
stress that you would still like to be his friend.
which I assume you still do. Other wise send him
my way. at my age a friend is rare, (humor)

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Let him down easy, those things are so difficult. I'm sure you did/will.

As for your friend with things like that, best thing to do is be there for her. Give her support in any way she needs it.

~Thank you for the memories, a keepsake in my heart.

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I'm gald you got it across to him. You didn't let things develop too far. But be nice to him afterwrds, don't just rip him out

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