If they came out with a cure for homosexuality, would you take it?

7% (4 votes)
51% (28 votes)
I'd consider taking it but I wouldn't
20% (11 votes)
I am perfectly comfortable where I am
22% (12 votes)
Total votes: 55


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I don't consider homosexualit

I don't consider homosexuality a disease. Has anyone else seen Hard Pill? But no, I don't want to change myself, it took to long to get comfortable.

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I wouldn't change who I am fo

I wouldn't change who I am for anything. Ever.

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I voted I'd consider it, but...

In my view, there is no cure for homosexuality, and therefore, no cure. If they can prove differently, then let em' do it. I also believe that we are a minority and without minorities in the wirld, there would be no diversity, and therefore, the world would be all the same...I would definilty consider taking it, but I prolly wouldn't.

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i apologize for saying "cure"

i apologize for saying "cure", in my opinion, being gay is who you are, not a disease, but it was the first word that popped into my head. consider it a metaphorical term.

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someone's seen X3...is it jus

someone's seen X3...is it just me, or does that seriously not represent the gay community to you? I heard someone talk about it being like the black community during the sixties, but mutatations? homosexuality? come one...

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I want the girls!

I would. I'd have to make sure that it didn't just take my feelings for guys away, but also made my attraction towards girls "kick in." Cause that'd suck if you were just left some empty non-sexual person never to find love. Or a good fuck even.

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Hard to say. re-coming out (if that is the right term) and loosing all feelings for Dan would be greatly upsetting. But at the same time... he ain't gay. Ah, who knows?

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