if you don't mind...i think i'll just pass out now...

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ok so, this girl i have a SERIOUS crush on put this bulletin on myspace, it was a whole "tell me how you feel about me" type thing, but in a romantic sense. I wanted sooo much to answer it, but i was afraid i might freak her out, so i just reposted it with some title about heartbreak (because hey, who'd want to tell me they loved me?) and she messaged me asking why i wrote that title and i said something about a mixture of a random title moment and a depressed moment and she messages me back asking why i was depressed and she told me to fill out the thingy. so....i have no idea what to make of this right now. needless to say, i filled it out and sent it back, now i'm waiting for a reply...but i'm just excited because this is kind of a romantic survey and she asked me to fill it out...huh...

i'm being so random right now...


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ooh! I hope it works out! ;)

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Good luck! Try not to faint t

Good luck! Try not to faint too soon, ok?

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