If you were the opposite sex (of what you are now), would you be:

16% (9 votes)
46% (26 votes)
18% (10 votes)
I don't know
18% (10 votes)
Other (please specify)
2% (1 vote)
Total votes: 56


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Straight I'm guessing. I love guys and being a girl would make that so much easier. Don't wanna be a girl though, a vagina just comes with too much extra baggage.

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Oh Man!

You have no idea. And seriously I would never want to be a male. I'm just going to safely assume I will always be gay.
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Well, as a girl, I love bein

Well, as a girl, I love being a girl. Soo...if I had to be a guy, I think I would have a stong desire to be a girl, so that would make me... a transgender. Or depending how much money or whatever, I'd at least be a transvestite. And I would be lesbian-bisexual (liking girls more than boys).

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I'd still be gay, I'd just be

I'd still be gay, I'd just be male. I've actually been asked this before and I figure that if I'm gay now I would be gay then too.

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id be straight. probably kind

id be straight. probably kind of like one of my best friends.
hes very feminine when it comes to emotional things,
but likes physical aspects of being a man.
im not butch, but in my mind im really big and strong.
ironic thing is that im very feminine and quite frankly a wimp.
so something like that.