Ignorance--Boys having babies....

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So I'm attempting to write my paper and the window to my apartment is open and I can here the neighbor kids outside talking, now these kids are between the ages of 12-16, and they're discussing anal sex of all things.

The homophobic little bastards who call each other fag and dyke are outside discussing anal sex! And they are such morons it's ridiculous, apparently they seem to think that a man can get pregnant from anal sex. I'm not kidding, they were just arguing about whether or not a guy can get pregnant from anal sex! Like a biological man with another biological man getting pregnant from anal sex! And one of them said that he's seen lots of guys get pregnant...

I want to live in their fantasyland.... I'm so tempted to e-mail my friend and let him know that all of his dirty man sex might lead to pregnancy if he's not careful, but he'd probably take it the wrong way and get offended, or think I'm offering to have his babies so that they can have a gay daddy.


That is what I learned today. That is so going in my paper.

I want to see these pregnant guys, where can I find?


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I'm sure you can find some pr

I'm sure you can find some pregnant guys in a crack-house or something.

Wait. Maybe it's just the druggies who think they're pregnant.

Silly drug addicts.


This disaster is addicting.

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Kids are dumb but, god damn. Even I tried to give them more credit than that.

What's your paper on? Cause that'd be awesome if it's on something really abstract and you put that in it.

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Waiting for Godot--I think my

Waiting for Godot--I think my English teacher would flip if I really did put something in about anal sex leading to pregnancy, seeing as it's already a really bad paper and that would only lead to the impression that not only did I not understand the book and obviously wrote the final draft of the paper at 5.44 a.m. the day it was due--which is now, but I am also insane.

On second thought, maybe I can work it in...maybe that can be why they wanted to kill themselves....

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So your telling me I'm not pregnant? You're saying I'm fat? Eh? You calling me fat?

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ahha that is funny Don't f

ahha that is funny

Don't feel the need to define me...I can define myslef

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Trying for years

My lover and I have been trying to get one of us
preg for years and still nothing,,,, think were
both sterile???

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HAHA! That's great! I'd say j

HAHA! That's great! I'd say just let them keep thinking that for a while. Then threaten to artificially inseminate then in their sleep. The next day you go up to them and ask if they're feeling the morning sickness yet. They'll run to tell their parents that you got them pregnant and they'll feel stupid when they find out the truth. Good plan, eh?

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