I'm Freaking Out..Am I?

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Tonight I've missed exactly twenty phone
calls from the same girl. What was I suppose
to do, stay in here room and proceed with
whatever it was that was about to happen between us
after her sister had walked in and killed the mood.
Giving me time to collect my thoughs and come back
to reality just in time for Ren and Stimpy.I may
be seen as a coward and a little excited or freaked by
the current race of events, but I think I have a
right to.Now not only do I have to worry about
my senior friends leaving Monday, but now have to
deal with this girl all on top of that!I know I
openned this can and I should just talk to her bout
it, but right now I just can't.All I can think of
right now is how could I have been so stupid and
let down my gaurd and for one moment be selfish.
How much of cocky dumbass I really am and what
she'll do when she finds that maybe I was just
being a hormonal 17 girl who doesn't know what she
wants or who she wants for that matter.From "So
Tempting is now So Scared" is nothing compared to
how church is going to be like Sunday morning.
Lord give me the strength to go in the morning!


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Not really

Yes you are definatly hyped up dude, but not freaking out. You will be fine. Just relax as much as possible, and don't think about freaking out - beating yourself up is just going to cause you to freak out even more

"Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suf-fer-ing"