In a little while

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I've been thinking,and I think I will hold off coming out to my sister for a little while.The comment
she made which I wrote about in my last entry was made in a semi jokeing manner,but I just feel a
little uneasy telling her now.I also think she is having some problems in her own life now so I
don't want to dump more stuff on her.I think I will still tell her eventually,I just need to wait a


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Take all the time in the worl

Take all the time in the world that you need. When the time comes it will be hard but you will find the strength within yourself.

It's amazing how much people will change their attitudes towards GLBT people once they learn that they know one close in their lives. A lot of people act the way they do because they are imitating what they see.

Don't worry, you will tell her when the time is right, because the time will be right when you tell her.

~Living in Perfect Symmetry~