Irony sucks.

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So, yeah. There's this girl, see? Let's call her girl A. ...Well, it doesn't really matter, because there's only one girl, but whatever. The point is, there's this girl, and I like her.
A lot.
Like, a -lot.-
And she's straight. At least, I -think- she's straight. I tend to assume everyone is bisexual until proven otherwise, but I'm pretty sure she's straight. Which sucks immensley.
We've only known eachother for a couple months now, but I think she's really cool, and apparently she thinks -I'm- really cool (a complete misconception on her part, but again, not the point). She invited me as her date to her Senior prom, but that was only because her original date ditched her, and I couldn't go anyways, and it sucked. And she says we need to hang out more, and tells me I'm really easy to talk to, and everything like that, and -then- she tells me, over the phone, that she wishes I was a guy. Of course, I restrained myself from telling her that I wished I was a guy -too,- but that's an entirely different story. The point is, I like this girl, a lot, and she would probably be going out with me if either I was a guy or she swung that way.
And then, there's -another- girl... oh, hey! There IS another girl! So. Girl B, then. Girl B is my ex-girlfriend, who I broke up with, because of temproary insanity or maggots in the brain or possibly an ulcer or something. Anyways, I broke up with her, and I still like her, and apparently she's 'straight' now. But it's this long and complicated story, involving her asking for a second chance, and me refusing, because, at the time, I was a dumbass and in dire need of pills. And then she went out with this guy who she's apparently still in love with, even though they're not together anymore, and I still like her, -love- her, even, and she wants to be friends, and I don't know if she wants something more or not because she's the kind of peron where she could be flirting with you or she could just be being completely oblivious to your feelings or maybe she just likes being cruel. So, now, I have no idea what to do, but my heart has torn itself to peices and my stomach is stabbing itself repeatedly with my spleen.
I hate irony.


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That is EXACTLY like my frien

That is EXACTLY like my friend...
And she leads me on, and we even got together for a bit, but then she said that the only reason she didn't want to be with me was cuz I'm a girl...and she said she would date me if I was a guy...good luck with that, and it sucks, I should talk to her about it

"Heterosexuality isn't normal-its just common"

"and do you remember when we used to run in the summertime?'