its been a while, but im back

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its been a while oasis, but im back. aint done much with my life
since i last wrote a journal. jus been concentrating on my nursing
course and we have exams soon. ive also got a gf now.

changing topics...mum called me late last week to jus have a wee
chat. we talked for ages and i finally came out with a "i have a gf mum"
her response? "WHAAAAT! what about me lynn? are u jus gonna leave me?"
i mean wtf? ya'll tell me whats up here? she knows im gay...she knows im
into girls...shes bisexual herself. she cannot possibly be serious about
this right? she cannot be hypocritical about this kind of stuff.
i started yelling on the phone...asking her what her problem was...
in the end, we sorted it out and she accepted what i wanted.
she knows im happy happy and contented with myself.

tomorrow, kenyth is taking me to talk to these young teens about sexuality.
ive always wanted to do that. open...

today was awesome. i met up with my friend lulu from high school. she has totally
changed her looks. shes a punk/girly kind of person now. its awesome.
i always thought she liked me considering she asked me to go with her to
our senior ball in high school. i was shocked when she asked me cos it was
very much unexpected on her behalf. i thought she didnt bend that way, but now
she's totally gone straight i think. she was curious in high school but yeah.
we watched a movie and yeah...had cawfee at starbucks etc etc...and had
dinner at this japanese place along with her friends. i am so ful its not

anyway, my eyes are droopy as ima call it a night =)

ciao xoxoxo _lynn_


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wow, u r so lucky you have a mom that understands you, and is bi. god, i wish my mom would stop being retarded. I wish someone would come and talk to the kids at my school about sexuality, it would help me become more comfortable, and not be on alert all the time, and it would help some people who are afraid to come out, to anybody. It would make my highschool career a little easier

the easiest way is not the best way, the best way, is the hardest way to live, you get more out of life, you get more out of yourself