it's official: my heart is now broken into a million pieces

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it's official. a memo went out to everyone. my heart as of today, is no more. done. finito. finished. why? you ask. it's simple my dear child. two of my best friends are on the very brink of becoming a couple, further proving to me that i will never find someone to love. at least, for right now. and it feels so....wrong. not them two being together, i couldn't be happier for them. feels wrong that i don't have someone to hold and to love. it seems like all my life i've been surrounded by it, and's gone. this sucks.

and i'm being just a bit melodramatic, but oh well. if their relationship does work out, i'll smile for them and be truly happy, all the while, dying inside. i guess that's the way life is.


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You'll find some one!

You'll find some one! You never know, you could meet someone tomorrow and fall in love right there... or something like that. Just don't get depressed. I remember two of my best friends got together and I wasn't happy for them because one of them changed dramatically. They broke up though, and I felt kinda guilty. I'm sorry... I really don't remember my point for telling you this. But like I was saying... don't be sad. You've got a long life to live. And by the way, I absoutely adore your avatar.