jus got homeeeeeee

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May 20th 2006:

Well here I am again, typing this thing of a blog. I jus got home from Jes' house...It was so random, about 6 hrs ago I was jus sitting here alone in my room and thought to mself...I wanna watch a movie....so I txted Jeanine and asked if it was ight for me to come over cos I was dying of boredom here...and HELLO....then I drove to her hosue and picked Jes up to get some DVDs out. Was saweet cos then we jus chilled and watched movies. We saw that "PHONE" one and holy christ! It was like......freaky as anything! Watch it! And then then other movie called "WAITING" and awwww man...did I piss myself laughing......dude I was literally crying yo! This bitch jus jumped up on a freaking chair, pulled her skirt up and BOOM! Wallaaaaaaa.......it was like staring at mother nature right in the face! Man she had the bushiest of the bush! Then she was all like, "peow peow!" And....then to end the scene, she picks this....freaking...I dont even know what it was, but it looked like a mofo saw chaffing or something waaahahahahahahahhaahaha.....awwwwwww man! Classic shit right there! And she ends it with a, "Dinner is served!" Ahahahahahahaha.......

Oh and Im done with my essay THANK GOD! Now I jus gotta start on mah pathophysiology bullsh*T!

Well hoLLa at you's later......Im more chingier than I already am so Ima hit the hay.

Adios xoxoxo