just checking in

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heya all, anyone remember me?
maybe not. i used to post here quite a lot but eventually felt i didnt need oasis so much, once i started to be more comfortable with myself. i just thought id check in though and see how all my friends were doing.
ive been having a great time. ive got some really close supportive friends now and ive been accepted to the universities i wanted. ive officially finished school and just have to sit my exams now, then im free all summer. ive dated 2 girls since i last posted, both times ending with me getting hurt, but ive gotten more confident and learnt things about myself so all is good.
how is everyone else?
and just a reminder if anyone needs to talk i remember that feeling well, so im here if you need it. or you can send me a message and ill give you my msn address.



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How can we not remember you dear? You were always here. Sorry you're not any more

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glad things have been going w

glad things have been going well for you, and welcome back, even if it's a short stay. :)

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Good to hear from you again...

Who would forget you???? Yeah, I woulda messaged you, but I was too lazy to go to your last post...Send me a message w/ ur msn add if you want...it's cool that you checked in. well, Im glad you got into the school you wanted and have a good group of friends...that's really cool.

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