just in case you weren't already upset about homophobia......

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ok, quick post since i'm back home and a family member may at any time walk in the room to see what i'm writing. i don't know if any of you watch the daily show, but they did a segment on the beloved 'god hates fags' group. the daily show is awesome... but that aside...

aside from their usual showing up with signs at GLBT events and such, these people are now making appearances at soldiers' funerals, and they claim that god meant for the soldiers to die as punishment for america's tolerance of gayness (and often, it's just tolerance, if that, but anyway...). now, first of all, these people need to get their theology straight (haha) because they're way off on the whole vengeful god thing, i believe they're christians, but the new testament definately carried a message of forgiveness and hope (so even if they are against homosexuality, i see no basis for their claim that god is punishing others for a society's actions, even though their original claim is completely off to begin with. and then, of all the groups they believe may be punished for this supposed 'sin' they've guessed the american military??? with the military's whole homophobic 'don't ask, don't tell' policy? maybe they were just worried that they'd only made the liberals hate them, and that mainstream society wasn't disgusted enough by their actions, so they figured they'd target the troops too. of all the disrespectful places to protest homosexuality, the funeral of a soldier that's died in service has to be one of the worst. no political group should be protesting anything at a funeral. well, anyway, normally i'd have tried to organize this into a more coherent rant, so hopefully it makes sense, but if it doesn't i apologize. and you can always try to catch the rerun of the program tonight at 8 (i think that's the time) on comedy central. oh man i sound like a comercial. oh well.


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Makes perfect sense really, I

Makes perfect sense really, I've read a lot about God Hates Fags, including their protests at funerals. Not just those of soldiers who died in service, but that boy who was a victim of a homophobic murder some years back, it was famous in the US but not here, so I don't recall the details. Shouting such hate messages at the funeral of someone who has been murdered. Goodness knows what the family have been through already.

Anyway, I have to let it wash over me now lest I become all pissed off. The group is very small in comparison to the people in the world who support gay people, and it's run by a complete nut job who has passed his nuttiness on to his ignorant children. Furthermore, their rhetoric is flawed just about everywhere - it's just sad that there is NO level they wouldn't stoop to. They can all die in a bomb attack for all I care. Whats-his-face is in declining health apparently, so a day to rejoice in the near years hopefully.

"If we were to wake up some morning and find that everyone was the same race, creed and color, we would find some other cause for prejudice by noon."
- George Aiken

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So called Rev Fred Phelps

The group is from Salina Kansas. It has only family
members in the church. They are all family members
of Rev. Fred Phelps. No one else has joined their
church. They protest any thing gay. reguardless of what
it is. Funerals, law makeres, weddings etc. They first
really came to the for front of the news when they
showed up to protest the funeral of Mathew Sheppard
of Wyoming. The news made them a special group. Since
then they have traveled around the country to protest
any thing they can. Its too bad they haven't learned
that God doesn't like them yet. That they are the ones
going to hell.
Oh well too bad for them.
Old Fox Bob
You are loved.

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I remember hearing/seeing som

I remember hearing/seeing something about this GHF group on the news or somewhere. I didn't realize it was pure family members, I guess that's good in a way. It's really pathetic if they're extending into why the soldiers died then. I know if my brother or a family member were gay or had just died and I was at a funeral where those people came and protested I'd slash their tires at least; I'm sure the solderis' family members must have wanted to murder the people themselves. I think it is one thing to have an opinion against a group, even though prejudice is totally wrong, it is your right to be able to think what you want, but invading others' space like that and disrespecting them and their family is pathetic. Especially at a funeral where the person's memory is trying to be laid to REST, not them being 'condemned' for their sacrifice. And newsflash for the God Hates Fag group; if God hates us so much why are we still here? Why are their more of us being born? Why is God killing straight people? There's so much to back up against anyone who thinks gays are wrong or immoral or evil or will burn in hell. If those people really believed in God they would embrace Jesus' whole idea of FORGIVENESS.

-J, boy, gay and 16 all the way. Just not out to anyone yet. I guess my sig could use some work.